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Alpha Multimedia, Inc. has launched a heartwarming and inspirational true story that shows the power of love:  A Wealth of Family:  An Adopted Son's International Quest for Heritage, Reunion and Enrichment [ISBN 978-0977462933] by Thomas Brooks.  Recent milestones include:

What's in it for you and your audience?  This inspiring adoption and reunion bestseller delivers timely and provocative viewpoints on multicultural families and powerful insights on how to triumph over racism and poverty.


Online Media Kit — Bestselling New Book A Wealth of Family

  1. Worldwide Schedule for Speaking Appearances.  Call 281-217-1960 for bookings.  We are a sought after professional speaking resource (typically $3300, including travel costs) for worldwide audiences including large corporations, small businesses, organizations, conference attendees, book clubs, religious groups, and students at all levels.  Topics include multiculturalism/diversity, heritage, adoption, education, and community service.

  2. Schedule an Interview / Request a Review Copy / Other Inquiries:  Or, just call 281-217-1960

  3. Press Releases and Featured News Items: 

    1. January 31, 2009 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
    2. July 2, 2007 — Lecture and Fundraiser for Austin Public Library

    3. May 17, 2007 — Thomas Brooks Gives Keynote Speech at Charity Event in Philadelphia to Benefit PERL, Inc. during National Foster Care Month

    4. May 3, 2007 — Pre-Mother's Day Event in Southern California (Ojai, CA)

    5. May 1, 2007 — National Indie Excellence Book Award-Winner Press Release

    6. March 19, 2007 — Dallas Morning News Paperback Nonfiction Bestseller

    7. February 25, 2007 — ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award Finalist

    8. January 18, 2007 — Black History Month Kickoff Event

    9. November 16, 2006 — Thomas Brooks Gives Keynote at Charity Event in Chicago Benefiting the North America Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) during National Adoption Awareness Month

    10. November 1, 2006 — USA Book News “Best Books" Award Winner

    11. October 23, 2006 — Amazon Bestseller Status Press Release

    12. October 20, 2006— The University of Pittsburgh hosts Thomas Brooks

    13. August 1, 2006 — Book Launch Press Release

  4. Interview Topics and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):  A Guide for the Media During Interviews

  5. Book Synopsis:  Back Cover Text and Table of Contents

  6. Endorsement Quotes:  From Midwest Book Review, Andrew Young, Dan O'Brien, Tim Green, Dr. Henry Ponder, George Fraser and Others

  7. Book Review:  A Starting Point (links to additional reviews below)

  8. Sample Chapter:  Chapter 1 from A Wealth of Family

  9. Book Cover Images

    1. Entire Cover (Front+Back) - High Resolution - 300dpi (7MB/PDF)

    2. Front Cover - High Resolution - 300 dpi (3MB/PDF)

    3. Click Here for the Full List of Cover Images — Choose the Resolution, Format and Color Scheme for Your Needs

  10. Author Bio:  Information about Thomas Brooks

  11. Author Photo (TIF, 300dpi) High Resolution or Author Photo (JPG) Also Available of Thomas Brooks

  12. Book Fact Sheet:  Distributors / Wholesalers, Marketing Plan, ISBN, LCCN, Page Count, etc.

  13. Our Next Adoption/Reunion Book:  Get involved with the forthcoming book The Joy of Search by Thomas Brooks 

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Press Coverage and Reviews — A Wealth of Family


Media Source / Review Source

January 31, 2009

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

April 4, 2007

Feature article in Pittsburgh's leading newspaper highlights adoption, diversity, multicultural and heritage issues covered in A Wealth of Family.


February 17, 2007

Comparison of Sen. Barack Obama's search for his East African heritage and that of Thomas Brooks in A Wealth of Family.  Discussion of adoption and multiculturalism also covered on CBS TV-2.  Click logo to view video entitled "Author Explores His Heritage in Three Parts of the World".

Superstation WGN-TV

November 13, 2006

National TV coverage of adoption, overcoming poverty, and crossing cultural barriers as WGN News Anchor Micah Materre interviews Thomas Brooks, author of A Wealth of Family.  [Runtime 3:30 - Click one of the three formats to view, or 'right-click' to 'copy shortcut' or save the file to your hard drive]



San Antonio, TX

On San Antonio's KSJL 810 AM "Roundtable" with Kathy Clay-Little.  [Runtime 25:00, after the 3:45 intro - Click below to listen, or 'right-click' to save to your hard drive]

Review Excerpt:  "The author is active in programs that promote adoption & employment opportunities for minorities in business. His forte is the creation of links and the advancement of understanding between communities. This book demonstrates the superficiality of lingering racial prejudice and suggests that we’d all be better off taking the widest view possible on kinship."  Full Review

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

November 10, 2006

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes:  "Brooks is in town...speaking up for children in foster care as part of National Adoption Awareness Month... He hopes his experiences might help others understand the importance of adopting foster children."

[PDF Article Reprint]

On the Radio:  Inside Scoop Live

Radio interview with Gayle Campbell discussing multicultural adoption and overcoming poverty vis-à-vis the book A Wealth of Family.  [Runtime 13:00]

USA Book News

A Wealth of Family is an Award Winner for African-American Studies in the “Best Books 2006” Book Awards from USA Book News.


“An incredible journey to truth and family.  Deeply moving!  Highly recommended!”

The New Pittsburgh Courier

October 19, 2006

The New Pittsburgh Courier writes:  "A candid memoir...the story is multicultural as well as multifaceted as Brooks relays his 'poor boy works hard and succeeds' angle."

KUHL 1440 AM / KTME 1410 AM

October 18, 2006

Santa Maria, CA

On the 'Mike & Hoot' morning drive talk radio show.  [Runtime 11:30 - Click below to listen, or 'right-click' to save to your hard drive]

The Independent

October 2006

University of Texas - San Antonio

Thomas Brooks and The Divine Literary Tour promote literacy and celebrate cultural diversity at a recent tour visit to UT - San Antonio.

Adoption Today Magazine

A Wealth of Family is... "A superb and deeply emotional book.  Brooks is at once determined, compassionate and incisive.  This book through its honesty and strength will be a rewarding experience for all who read it."

— Richard Fischer, Editor of Adoption Today Magazine

University of Maryland

Smith Business

Fall 2006

Our book is previewed under 'Alumni News & Notes' in this publication of the University of Maryland - Robert H. Smith School of Business.  Author Thomas Brooks earned his MBA from the school in 1992.

Genealogy Magazine

September 2006

Genealogy Magazine is devoted to the fascinating world of family history. It includes research tips, family trees, resources, and the roots of the rich and famous.


August 2006

A Wealth of Family is reviewed as "a wonderful story of discovery and how to overcome cultural differences and remain a family as well as friends. It is a book I would recommend for every American who has any curiosity about other cultures."  The book was rated at the top of the scale and a RAWSISTAZ Reviewers "favorite".

Fostering Families Today Magazine

July/August 2006

A Wealth of Family is reviewed as a "must read" and "thoughtful and well written" on page 55.  The magazine is about the parents, children and dedicated professionals in the child welfare system providing foster care and domestic adoption to children.

Fearless Reviews

July 2006

Book review excerpt:  "This is a moving story that demonstrates how with courage and determination an individual can bring together the separate strands of his heritage and weave them together into a loving whole."

Reader Views

June 2006 — Book Review

Book review excerpt:  "A Wealth of Family has something to be enjoyed or learned by people from all walks of life, no matter what your gender, socio-economic background or culture."  Click here for the full review.

Or, check out the Interview with the Author.

Midwest Book Review

June 2006 (click, then scroll down for review)

Book review excerpt:  "Compelling... candid... remarkable... A Wealth Of Family is very highly recommended as the inspiring autobiography of one man and his determination to discover his own biological roots."


June 2006— Book Review covers all the news and views of the mixed-race experience.  Book review excerpt:  "A Wealth Of Family leaves you...with a sense of happiness and hope."

Blogosphere Coverage

Two Kenyan-American authors pose at BookExpo America in May 2006:  U.S. Senator Barack Obama (in photo, on left) and Thomas Brooks (on right).

Association of MultiEthnic Americans (AMEA)

May 2006 Newsletter (page 9)

The book A Wealth of Family was highlighted on page 9.  AMEA is dedicated to the advocacy of multiethnic and multiracial individuals and families.

Mixed Media Watch

April 16, 2006

"Mixed Adoption Story"

Coverage on, an excellent blog that monitors representations of mixed people, couples, families and transracial adoptees in film, TV, radio and print media.


Spring 2006

Coverage in Adoptalk, a quarterly publication of the North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) that goes to about 3000 adoption professionals, adoptive families and child advocates.

Written Magazine

February 2006

"The Decision to Search"

The book A Wealth of Family was featured in the premiere issue of this literary magazine, released during Black History Month.































































































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