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Alpha Multimedia, Inc. e-Newsletter — May 2006

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Heartwarming True Story Shows the Power of Love — 15% Mother's Day Discount


Please inform your friends and family about the new book A Wealth of Family:  An Adopted Son's International Quest for Heritage, Reunion and Enrichment by Thomas Brooks.  This inspirational true story shows the power of love Order online @ 15% off using our VeriSign™ Certified Secure Shopping Cart or PayPal™.


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Synopsis:  This inspiring adoption and reunion saga delivers timely and provocative viewpoints on multicultural families and powerful insights on how to triumph over racism and poverty.

  • Subject Categories:  Multicultural / African-American / Adoption

  • Book Price: US $17.95

  • Original Trade Paperback; 6x9 inches, 256 pages (with photos)

  • ISBN:  0977462935

  • Book Review

  • Book Cover (Front & Back)

  • Endorsement Quotes:  Numerous Approving Blurbs from Andrew Young, Dan O'Brien, Tim Green, Dr. Henry Ponder, George Fraser, Adoption TODAY Magazine and Others

  • Sample Chapter:  Chapter 1 from A Wealth of Family

Thomas Brooks - A Wealth of Family


Marketing Tip


How Can I Invigorate My Advertising Copy?


Advertising is often necessary if you are going to take your sales to the next level.  If you are going to invest the money to advertise either online or in print, follow these tips to increase the effectiveness of your ads:

  • Believable Testimonials

  • Compelling Headlines

  • Descriptive Sub Headlines

  • Exciting Features and Believable Benefits

  • Free Trial Offers

  • Creation of a Sense of Urgency to Respond to the Ad

  • Multiple Ordering Options

  • Emotional Appeal

  • Efficient Use of Words

  • Images Utilized Alongside Text

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Public Relations (PR) Tip


How Can I Write Effective Contributed Articles and Get Them Placed in My Target Media Outlets?


Writing contributed articles is an important and cost effective public relations activity.  Contributed articles enable you to be perceived as a 'thought leader' and indirectly help customers gain trust in your products and services.  These time-tested tips will increase your likelihood of article placement:

  • Put your attention-grabbing hook in the headline and in the first paragraph.

  • Be concise, since the readers are busy people who have no time for fluff.

  • Make sure the content is 100% accurate.

  • Keep it short unless you have been directed otherwise, since editors often like articles well under 1000 words.

  • Check grammar and spelling carefully.

  • Meet the deadline of the media outlet.

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Publishing Industry Tip


How Can I Avoid Having My Manuscript Returned by the Publisher?


It is very difficult for new authors to break into the literary world.  There is no way to guarantee that your manuscript will be picked up by a major publishing house.  However, there are some things you can do to increase your chances:

  • Make sure you don't 'tell' when you can 'show' in your writing.  Avoid passive voice and making the narrative voice too strong.

  • Target publishers who are looking for your genre of writing.

  • Create a setting that is plausible, interesting and consistent.

  • Watch out for grammar, punctuation and spelling problems.

  • Ensure that the first chapter (example), especially the first few paragraphs, really grab the reader.

  • Eliminate 'slow spots' in the manuscript.  Don't give the reader a reason to put it down.

  • Most importantly, make sure your book has something fresh to convey.

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Please send us a note or call 281-217-1960 if you are interested in meeting Thomas Brooks during the BookExpo America Convention (May 19 to 21, 2006) in Washington, DC.  By the way, Thomas will be signing his book A Wealth of Family at BookExpo America on Friday, May 19, 2006 at 5:30pm in Booth #2343 with the Publishers Marketing Association.


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