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Alpha Multimedia, Inc. e-Newsletter — March 2006

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Heartwarming and Inspirational True Story Shows the Power of Love


Please inform your friends and family about the new book A Wealth of Family:  An Adopted Son's International Quest for Heritage, Reunion and Enrichment by Thomas Brooks.  This inspirational true story shows the power of love.  Order online using our VeriSign™ Certified Secure Shopping Cart or PayPal™.


Get copies for yourself, and as gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day!




Synopsis:  This inspiring adoption and reunion saga delivers timely and provocative viewpoints on multicultural families and powerful insights on how to triumph over racism and poverty.

  • Subject Categories:  Multicultural / African-American / Adoption

  • Book Price: US $17.95

  • Original Trade Paperback; 6x9 inches, 256 pages (with photos)

  • ISBN:  0977462935

  • Book Review

  • Book Cover (Front & Back)

  • Endorsement Quotes:  Numerous Approving Blurbs from Andrew Young, Dan O'Brien, Tim Green, Dr. Henry Ponder, George Fraser, Adoption TODAY Magazine and Others

  • Sample Chapter:  Chapter 1 from A Wealth of Family

Thomas Brooks - A Wealth of Family


Marketing Tip


How to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings on Google?


Google™ is the most utilized search service on the Internet.  Thus, you want your home page to show up on the first page of their search results as frequently as possible.  Though their search algorithm is tweaked frequently, here are some general tips to improve your rankings:

  • Make sure that the content of your site is original, strong and relevant.  It seems obvious, but strong content will drive traffic and the number of other webmasters who will want to link to your site, resulting in improved rankings.

  • Define the prioritized search terms that are most relevant to your business.  Use those terms in your meta tags, including page title.  Make sure these desired terms are also in the body of content for that page.

  • Select prioritized search terms that are not too general (e.g. victory, light).

  • The Google™ algorithm ranks each individual page, not each site.  If you care about a certain term (e.g. beach volleyball), dedicate an individual page (not necessarily your home page) to that topic.  This involves building a lot of secondary pages of strong content.  If feasible, use the key term in every other sentence in the body of content on the secondary pages.  Make sure this is done in a way that makes logical sense to your site visitors who are reading the copy.

  • If you care about the ranking of a page, make that page reachable directly from your home page.

  • Add new content frequently (i.e. more new pages, and improvements to existing pages).

  • Every inbound link that you have on someone else's site that points to your site will help, but note that when you reciprocate you lose most of the "credit" in the algorithm for these inbound links.  (Sometimes you have to pay or you need an inside connection to get someone to agree to a non-reciprocal link.)

  • When someone links to your site, make sure the text of that actual link includes the key search term that you want to optimize (e.g. get them to use "beach volleyball" in the link as opposed to a simple "click here").

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Public Relations (PR) Tip


How Can I Excel in a TV or Radio Interview?

  • Prepare exactly what you will say.  This seems obvious, but a lot of people try to wing it since they are the experts on their product, company, or book.  Your thoughts must be conveyed in a powerful, coherent fashion or you will lose credibility.  Prepare and memorize your three or four key messages in advance.

  • Be concise.  Be ready to spout each key message from a variety of different angles.  Don't ramble, but use three or four sentences for each sound bite.

  • Prepare by finding out what you will be asked.  Yes, you can ask the host before the interview what will be asked, or at least the angle of the interview.  Find out if the host is on your side (or not) before you go on the air.

  • Give factual answers.  If you don't know the answer, just say so and bridge to one of your key messages.

  • Repeat your key messages early and often during the interview.  This repetition is the only way to make sure the audience gets it.

  • Don't speak for others.  For example, when you launch a new product, the media often asks you how you expect that a competitor will respond.  Even if you think you know the answer, don't go for the bait.  Simply state that you cannot speak for another organization, and bridge back to your key messages.

  • Last, but not least, be energetic.  Your connection with the audience and the host will be much stronger.

For info on our public relations (PR) services, go to http://www.AlphaMultimedia.com/PR.htm.


Publishing Industry Tip


What Cost-Effective, Creative Tactics Can I Use to Get Publicity for My Book?

  • Use national current events to your advantage.  Every year has 5-10 major news stories.  It could be an election, a war, or a sporting event.  It could be a triumph or a scandal.  Find an angle that relates to your book and use it to get the attention of print and broadcast media.  Make sure it is tasteful.

  • Same as above, but for local news and events.  This enables you to re-launch your book in targeted cities months after the original publication date.

  • Put on a publicity stunt.  One example is to dress someone in a Santa Claus suit in July and give away your home repair books outside of a home improvement store.  Allocate 30 books for this stunt and announce that it will start at Noon and last until the books are gone.  Call it "Xmas in July" and invite the media outlets.  Get the media personally involved by teaming with them to actually start a home improvement project from your book while at the venue.

  • Get on a radio talk show and have the host give away 10 of your books.  The books can be given away throughout the day to the so-called "third caller".  Every time the host asks for callers, you book will be mentioned.  This is much cheaper than paying for radio ads.

  • Announce that you are giving away a portion of the profits from your book to charity.  Make sure the charity relates in some way to your book, and it is a cause that you truly support.  Then, issue a press release about your philanthropy to get the attention of the media.  Also, try to ensure that the charitable organization will promote your book to its own membership.

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