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Revenue Sharing Affiliate Agreement

Terms Stated in this Agreement Are Valid Through December 31, 2006


This agreement made on ____________________________ by and between Alpha Multimedia, Inc. whose address is P.O. Box 722034, Houston, TX 77272 USA and (Affiliate), __________________________________ (corporation, organization, partnership, individual) whose address is ____________________________________.  The parties for themselves, their heirs, legal representatives, successors and assignors, agree as follows.  This initial agreement would commence on ______________________________ and expire on December 31, 2006.  The agreement would then be re-evaluated at the end of this period by both parties at which time a decision to extend or modify this agreement may, or may not, be made.


Affiliate Responsibilities

Any person, group or entity entering into this revenue-sharing agreement with Alpha Multimedia, Inc. is generally expected, where applicable and possible, to –

  1. Post one of Alpha Multimedia, Inc.’s online promotional button ads on its Web Site that will link directly to the Alpha Multimedia, Inc. web site (  An Alpha Multimedia, Inc. online animated promotional button can be downloaded from the following page -  An alternate image is available at
  2. Include Alpha Multimedia, Inc.’s clickable button ad at least once per month in electronic dissemination to all of Affiliate’s e-Newsletter subscribers.
  3. Make hard copies of Alpha Multimedia, Inc.’s one page flyer and e-Newsletters available to members, customers, office visitors, colleagues, and other progressive persons who may be potential clients.
  4. Generally encourage those you know or come in contact with to visit the Alpha Multimedia, Inc. site and to subscribe to e-Newsletters to benefit from Alpha Multimedia, Inc.’s marketing, PR and publishing tips.


Revenue Sharing Plan

Alpha Multimedia, Inc. will share 20% (twenty percent) of the net revenue realized from any referrals where the name  _______________________________________ is selected from Alpha Multimedia, Inc.’s “Affiliate Referral” menu list on the Alpha Multimedia, Inc. RFP and/or Order Placement forms.   Alpha Multimedia, Inc. will run a “Revenue-Sharing Payout Report” the day following the pay period closing date (last day of each month) and send out Revenue-Sharing payments within five business days of the pay period closing date.  Revenue-Sharing will be paid out only for the revenue that has actually been received by Alpha Multimedia, Inc. at the time payroll is processed.  An electronic “Revenue-Sharing” statement will be sent only when a payout has been earned and is thus being disseminated.

A larger percentage of revenue may be shared with the affiliate if the affiliate provides services (e.g. marketing, public relations, writing, etc.) to the end client for a specific project.  This "larger percentage" (and associated services and deliverables) will be agreed to in writing between Alpha Multimedia, Inc. and the affiliate before the start of the specific client's project.  Otherwise, the revenue sharing percentage will remain 20%.

About Alpha Multimedia, Inc.


Alpha Multimedia, Inc. is a specialized marketing, public relations and book publishing firm.  Emphasizing technology enabled marketing communications, Alpha Multimedia is nimble, cost effective, and well connected with a strategic group of high technology, emerging business, and publishing industry clients.  Our values and philosophy are:

  • We deliver measurable value to our clients.  Everything else is secondary.

  • We integrate creativity with technology, leaving out the bureaucracy.

  • We invest more than the necessary time and energy to build and maintain strong relationships with our clients.

  • We recognize that the marketplace is a ‘conversation’ that is natural, open, honest, and direct.

  • We enable your company speak in the human voice of marketplace ‘conversation,’ ensuring that integrated communications thinking and execution comes together for you in a way that is both successful and measurable.  This requires big values, straight talk, and a genuine point of view.



Affiliate agrees that, during the term of this agreement, and for a period of six (6) months following the termination of this agreement, Affiliate will not engage in any capacity in any business substantially similar to or in competition with the business conducted by Alpha Multimedia, Inc. in any state in the United States or other parts of the World.  This includes, but is not limited to, working with direct competitors of Alpha Multimedia, Inc. and participating in a start-up or other entity that is designed to compete directly with Alpha Multimedia, Inc. in the areas of marketing, public relations and book publishing.


Additional Terms


This agreement automatically expires on December 31, 2006.  However, it can be terminated prior to at any time for any reason by either or both parties by notifying the other 30 days in advance in writing via U.S. mail, or e-mail notification.  The persons signing below certify that they are authorized to bind their respective entities to the terms and conditions of this agreement.





Please sign and mail this agreement to Alpha Multimedia, Inc. using the information below. 


To qualify, please include a copy of your resume and/or background information on your company/organization with the signed agreement.


Affiliate Authorized Representative



Signature:                ____________________________


Company Name:     




ZIP/Postal Code:    








Alpha Multimedia, Inc. Authorized Representative


Name:                      Thomas Brooks


Signature:                ____________________________

Title:                         Managing Director

Company Name:      Alpha Multimedia, Inc.

Address:                  P.O. Box 722034

City:                          Houston

State/Province:       TX

ZIP/Postal Code:     77272-2034

Country:                   USA

Phone:                     +1 (281) 217-1960

Fax:                          +1 (713) 583-9038                    




Document Updated March 1, 2006


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